1. The "Academy Award", also called "Oscar"

1.2. The categories of the "Academy Award"

The awards have often changed from the beginning to the awards nowadays. In the first year there were two separate awards for the best motion picture, separate awards for Drama and Comedy Direction and an award for the best Title Writing. But this award disappeared soon. The supporting acting awards were added in 1936. About 1941 Hollywood started to make documentaries for the war and so an award for the best documentary was added. Sometimes a special award was given for a foreign-language film and 1956 an own award was established. The new colour cinematography also changed the awards. 1939 an award for colour cinematography was added, and "Gone With The Wind" won that price. 1967 the black-and-white "Oscars" for cinematography, costumes and art direction where finally eliminated. 1992 the short film awards were nearly eliminated because short films are not a typical part of theatrical movie going anymore.
There also have been given a number of honorary and special awards, such as the "Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award" for producers, the "Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award" for good work and the "Honorary Academy Award".