2. The "Golden Globe"

2.1. The history of the "Golden Globe"

The Golden Globe

The "Golden Globe" is a creation of the "Hollywood Foreign Press Association" (HFPA). They follow the "Oscar" in the main categories but there are more acting awards than at the "Oscar". There are acting awards in drama and in comedy or musical. There are also awards for debuts and longevity. The membership is with about 85 voters much smaller than the "Oscar's".
The "Golden Globe" is also some sort of predictor and possible influencor of the "Academy Award". Often people, who already received a "Golden Globe", have more chances to get an "Oscar".
The first "Golden Globe" presentation 1944 was an informal ceremony at the "20th century Fox Studio". At the beginning the award was in the form of a scroll. The following year the surface of the award changed. The honourees got a "Golden Globe", a golden image of the globe encircled with a strip of motion picture film. 1952 the "Cecil B. deMille Award", for outstanding contributions to the entertainment field, was introduced. 1955 awards for achievements in television were added. In opposite of the "Academy Award" the "Golden Globe" gives prices for motion pictures and for television. Now they present 24 awards, thirteen for motion pictures and eleven for television achievements. Another difference is that there are two awards for the best English-language film, one for drama and another one for comedy or musical. Beside the production of major studio pictures, often independent films won the awards, too.
In 1981 there was a big scandal. Pia Zandorra won the award after her then-husband had nearly invited the entire membership to Las Vegas. Many people wondered if the "Hollywood Foreign Press Association" would survive that scandal. But they did. They eliminated the more questionable awards and made sure that the members had actually seen the film before they vote. Now they do more for being serious than the Academy does. But the main reason for the "Golden Globe's" rise after that scandal is that they're given now when the Academy-members receive their ballots in late January.
The "Golden Globe" is mostly interested in stars because the journalists like to have a lot of stars. The members like stars who cooperate and who talk to the journalists. In the opposite of the "Academy Award's" presentation, the "Golden Globe" Award's evening is spontaneous. For the stars who are there, the presentation is more a show than a ceremony:

"It's the most fun because it's not uptight…My memory of both my Golden Globe wins is about having a great time. It feels more like a party than a very formal event which I really like about it"

(Jodie Foster)