A new era is beginning...

Okay, it may very well be that the title is a little bit over the top, but, to be honest, it really took years until "M-Th's Homepage", first seeing the light of day at the end of the nineties, was thoroughly revised and updated.

In the last ten years my once affectionately maintained web presence was strongly neglected, for one thing due to time reasons, for another thing as updating the content became too tedious.

Initially, this website was created to learn HTML in a proper way, meaning I didn't want a WYSIWYG editor doing the hard work for me, instead I wanted to find out how the various HTML tags should be used. Later on I wanted to accomplish the same for CSS and PHP.

M-Th's Homepage bis 2021

In the meantime this website is continuously online for over 20 years, and even if I don't have this wanting for a playground anymore, I don't want to give it up just yet. That's why I did some research for a CMS, which enables me to update the content more easily, but doesn't overwhelme me with superfluous stuff. Finally, I found the Swedish Flat-File-CMS Yellow and treated this page with a facelift. I threw away a lot of stuff, but still kept some due to sentimental reasons.

M-Th's ab 2021

May this website keep its small space within the depths of the World Wide Web for a while.